[2022 Wakuwaku Festival] Cultural Workshop – Now open for registration


Waku Waku Festival (our annual event) with many cultural activities will be held at our Kohoku International Lounge this year (on 9th October) after two years of being held online (last year and the year before)♪

Do you want to join our cultural workshop with our foreign staff this time?

<Korea>  Jegi Chagi  (Traditional Korean outdoor game in which players kick a paper jegi into the air and attempt to keep it aloft)

<China> Traditional Chinese paper cutting (paper cut and decoration)

<Vietnam> Traditional Vietnamese children’s board game called “Ô ăn quan”

Date: October 9th (Sunday)

Time: ①11:15 ②11:45 ③12:15 ④12:45 ⑤13:15 (each session: 15 minutes)

Number of participants: Each session: 6 people (2 people/ activity)

Both children (from primary school) and adults are welcome to join.

Registration is now open (from August 30th – 10 a.m.) by phone or at lounge.

*Please specify what kind of activities you want to join (Korea – China – Vietnam) and also which time slot you prefer.
*When register, please note that 1 person 1 time can only register for 2 people (for case of family with three children, please contact our staff).


          ↓   Details are as follow ↓

元の記事 2022 ワクワクまつり】10/9 ワークショップ参加申込受付