JLPT Preparation Class

Class for those who want to study JLPT(N1, N2, N3)

JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) is an official ability test that aims to certifying one’s Japanese level. The JLPT exams are set up every six months, in July and December of each year. This preparation class is designed to enhance students’ Japanese language skills in a short time so that they can pass the JLPT exams (N1, N2, N3)

The schedule of classes are as follow

JLPT Exam July December
Preparation course April ~ JuneSeptember ~ November
Registration period February ~ AprilJuly ~ August

Students:  For those who wants to prepare for the JLPT exams level N1, N2, N3; those who already passed the N2, N3, N4 or had equivalent level.
Contents:  Focus on Vocabulary, Kanji, Grammar, Reading, Listening – to get students familiar with test structures and practice mock tests.
Study time and study session: 1 session: 120 minutes x 12 sessions (1 week 1 session)
Number of students: 7 students per class
Tuition fee: 10,000えん (Kindly pay at the first session) *Please note that the tuition fee cannot be refunded.
Textbooks fee: Pay separately (For those who register to buy textbooks, kindly pay at the time of receiving the textbooks/ Those who already had textbooks, you don’t need to pay)