【Winter vacation】Get your homework done 2024/Jan.6,7


Tiếng Việt  にほんご

To Parents of Elementary and Middle School Students with Connections Abroad

We are going to have a wintervacation homework class on
Jan. 6th, 7th

-If you need help with your homework
-If you seek support for calligraphy
-If you want to practice playing the recorder,

Big brothers and big sisters from universities are here to support you.
Please come with anything you want to do with them.

●It’s free of charge.

●Anyone with connections to foreign countries can attend.

●You can try calligraphy with them.

Click here(Google form) to apply

★Elementary school students who come to the lounge using any mode of transportation need adult; junior high student or elder, companion for commuting.

※To print out the flyer🖨Click here