【Now on YouTube】Video Highlights ① Fashion Show of Ethnic Costumes


<WakuWaku Online Festival – Highlights> We would like to introduce some highlight parts of the video 「2022ワクワクまつりオンライン」 you can enjoy now on YouTube until 23rd October!
First is “Fashion Show of Ethnic Costumes

Even though we finally organized the WakuWaku event at our lounge, “Fashion Show of Ethnic Costumes” was only released online this time, the reason was…
“The Fashion Show was so popular in the past years so there were so many people came and enjoyed the show, which can be hard to keep the infection prevention measures as required.” In other words, we have to make it online (YouTube) because of its great popularity.

In the “Fashion Show of Ethnic Costumes” this year, we were so proudly to present the great ethnic costumes of Thailand, Mexico, Nepal, Vietnam, China, Myanmar, Spain, South Korea, Laos, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Ukraine… (13 countries in total)

A total of 27 models with outfits in colors representing different ethnic costumes walked proudly and confidently down the runway (?)
A must-see show!
☞Let’s watch 2022ワクワクまつりオンライン!