April 10th – Cultural Cooking Workshop has been successfully held


It has been 2 years since our last Cultural Exchange – Cooking Event was held. Last week, we were so happy to organize “Cooking Show” by Mr. Abbey.

At this event, Mr. Abbey, who has a diversity background of Hawaii, France, and the United States and is currently an instructor for one of our English conversation classes, had passionately introduced us to some cultural dishes that can be easily made with Japanese ingredients. The event was held in Japanese language.

The event was held with only 12 participants to make the event as safe as possible for all our participants during the COVID-19. With Mr. Abbey’s abundant experience, knowledge, and storytelling skill, it was a delicious and fun event. Instructors and participants were so interested in sharing that time flies so fast, we even ended the event 30 minutes longer than expected.

There are three dishes that has been introduced: Ratatouille – a traditional food in Hawaii, a traditional French dish, and Apple Pie Wrap, which is very popular in the United States.

When Mr. Abby was working as a dancer and a steward on a luxury cruise ship, he was taught to cook many popular food dishes from the ship’s chef, and his passion for cooking also started to grow. After coming to Japan, he studied pedagogy at Yokohama National University and currently is an English instructor at university.

Everyone who participated was very satisfied with the taste of the dishes while carefully taking notes on the explanation of Mr. Abbey’s recipe. It was such an enjoyable two – hour event.

元の記事: おしゃべりクッキングショー開催(4/10)