Report on the end-of-term event for the Japanese Tuesday morning class:

On March 12th, the Tuesday morning class invited a calligraphy teacher to hold an end-of-term event. Learners enthusiastically chose their favorite characters associated with spring and diligently practiced writing them. It seems that many learners were experiencing calligraphy for the first time.

A learner from South Africa commented, “It was fun, I’d like to try it again♪”
While a learner from the United States mentioned, “Kanji is difficult,” they mastered the stroke order for “梅” (ume, plum blossom) perfectly!
A learner from Mongolia wrote many characters for “spring” 🌸

Finally, everyone wrote their characters on SHIKISHI ( a square piece of high-quality paperboard), resulting in beautiful works of art. Let’s keep up the good work in Japanese learning from April onwards!