【Now on YouTube 】Video Highlights ③Foreign language Mini Lesson


<WakuWaku Online Festival – Highlights> We would like to introduce some highlight parts of the video 「2022ワクワクまつりオンライン」 you can enjoy now on YouTube until 23rd October!

This time we would like to present:「Foreign Language Mini Lesson

Our three foreign staff at our Lounge will introduce you some of the basic languages of their own countries ♪

Korean ☞ 韓国人気グループの歌詞を解説♪ 熱ーい応援の言葉も!
Vietnamese ☞ 2022年ホーチミンの現地ロケ 街の様子と共に簡単なベトナム語も!
Chinese ☞ 家族の呼び名を教えてくれます。太太って? 宝宝って??

Highly recommend to all of you! Let’s watch, learn and enjoy languages!