【Now on YouTube 】Video Highlights ②Newcomer Children’s Class/Picture Diary


<WakuWaku Online Festival – Highlights> We would like to introduce some highlight parts of the video 「2022ワクワクまつりオンライン」 you can enjoy now on YouTube until 23rd October!
Our second recommendation is「Newcomer Children’s Class/Picture Diary

You can listen to the children’s cute voices while looking at the picture diaries presented by the children who are studying at the “Newcomer Children’s Class”!
This picture diary was also exhibited at the WakuWaku Festival at Kohoku Lounge, but this time, we also included this section in our WakuWaku Online Festival, we think that it would be great to enjoy the picture diary while listening to the children’s voices.

Children came from different countries, such as Philippines, China, Thailand, Pakistan, Sudan, and Taiwan had practiced hard and recorded their voices. We really enjoyed their performance and hope you will enjoy it too ^^!

You can watch their performances from here: