Japanese Class Event – Furoshiki wrapping (Friday class)


This was an event held on 18th February (Friday) for Friday Japanese Class’s students. Students were able to experience a Japanese traditional wrapping style – furoshiki wrapping.

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth and they come in many designs and sizes. On that day, there were some students and volunteers participated online via Zoom.

Participants were able to learn how to use wrapping cloth (furoshiki) and practice wrapping tissue boxes in colourful furoshiki.

If you know the techniques, you will be able to wrap a gift more attractively including bag making, bottle wrapping, and present wrapping.

The instructor also taught students how to make eco-bags, which comes in very useful in daily life. Participants enjoyed the workshop a lot.

元の記事 クラスイベント(日本語教室)~ふろしきで つつむ~