[2021WakuWaku] Recommended video (1)- Foreign Language Corner – Mini Lesson


2021 WakuWaku Online Festival is now officially on YouTube. Thanks for your watching! The online festival has a series of 9 videos in total, so let us introduce some highlights of the festival.

Video ① Mini Foreign Language Corner ~How do animals sound in different languages?>

In the main video of the series, there are many interesting shows and performances, but one of the shows we think you may be interested in is: How do animals sound in different languages?

Do you know that animal sounds can be expressed in completely different ways depending on the country?

Let’s find out by watching this short video presented by our foreign staff from Taiwan, Korea, and Vietnam!

How does a sheep sound in Taiwanese?

What is the Korean tiger’s sound?

Is the sound of a cow in Vietnamese different from your country?

Are you curious? Let’s watch it now ✨

This session is a part in the Main Video. You can watch it from here ->

元記事 【2021ワクワク】動画のおすすめポイント(1)<ミニ外国語教室>