✰Participants wanted✰ 2021 Remote Ensemble Music ♪


∗ The theme song of this year: ✿「世界に一つだけの花」✿

If you like singing or you can play any musical instrument, feel free to contact us to join!

Please note that  only people who have been studied/taught in Kohoku Lounge are welcomed to join. 

Percussion instruments, wind instruments, stringed instruments, any musical instruments are all acceptable to join. Some musical instruments may be available for rent. Please contact our staff for further details.

If you are interested to join, please click here  to register. 

<Questions you may have>

1. How do you shoot the music video?

We will shoot individually. Each of participants will sing your own part or play instrument with this based video.

2. Where do you shoot the music video?

a. You can shoot the video at our Lounge. Our staff will support you.

In this case, please contact our staff to reserve shooting date and time.

b. You can also shoot the video at home by yourself (selfie mode), then send your video to us for editing. 

Please click here for more instructions on how to send the video file to us -> here

<For your reference>

This is video of our Remote Ensemble Music Show last year ♪ Please enjoy when you have time ^^

元記事: 2021ワクワクまつりオンライン③】リモートアンサンブル参加者募集(日本語)